What is Your Calling?

We all have one.  Sometimes it shouts to us loud and clear, and other times it’s barely a whisper in a quiet room.  For some of us, we know exactly what that calling is.  If we’re honest with ourselves, we’ve always known.  Most of us, however, just know that what we’re doing with our lives simply doesn’t bring us joy.  If you’re ever asked yourself, “There’s gotta be more than this, right?” then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

People are changing jobs more often today than any other time in our history, and job satisfaction is right alongside income as the top reasons why.  In fact, some are taking jobs they are happier in even if the job pays less.  Timing is another important factor in when people are changing jobs: many times, it coincides with the death of a parent.  Some report that their parent’s death caused them to reevaluate their lives, while other people say that they felt free from their parent’s expectations.

Careers are not the only things people change looking for their purpose.  They will gain or lose friends, break up or start new relationships, sever ties with family, move across the country, go to school, and a whole host of other things to find that calling.  This is how a life coach can help.

Coaching is a way of being present with someone, asking open-ended questions, and shifting self-imposed limitations.  The right question can inspire new action, access the unconscious mind, and help shift your reality in powerful ways.  The stories and beliefs we have are not meant to trap you or keep you stuck.  Rather, they are here to teach and guide us so that we bring our special blend of magic to the world.

While anyone can benefit from having a coach, it’s important to find the right coach for you.  Just like every other profession, we have our specialties.  People drawn to work with me are often feeling lost.  There’s a sense of having a purpose for their lives, but they are either not clear on what it is or do not know how to make it happen.  My clients express to me that they want to live more fully and more authentically who they are at their core.  If this sounds familiar, we should talk!

My commitment to you is to always show up, give you my best work, and help you achieve your dreams.  In return, you bring a willingness to do the deep work required to make amazing changes in your life and commit to doing the work.

I will bring you the tools, techniques, and support.  You bring nothing less than 100% commitment.  Together we’ll make the magic happen. 

As a special bonus, for friends of The Kink Factory, I am offering free 60-90 minute introductory calls for new clients.  Check out my website, www.damiensullivan.com, for more information about me and the work I do.  You can also email me directly with questions or to setup your complimentary coaching call at damien@damiensullivan.com.

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