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Limited Quantities: After more than 10 years, it's time for a change. Final sale day Mar 15th. All orders will be shipped out no later than Mar 18th. For additional inventory, please check out our website www.thekinkfactory.com. Everything is discounted at below cost. Please note I am trying to update all inventory quantities. Substitutions may be made for color.

Due to these changes, shipping will occur on Thursdays and Saturdays. Customization is no longer available. Thank you for your support over the years and for helping to make this awesome experience!

These toys are solid stainless steel with a removable ball for cleaning.  This purchase comes with your choice of one of two ball sizes, others may be purchased separately.  The maximum insertion length depends on the ball size you choose, without the ball, maximum length is approximately 4".

Balls are available in seven sizes and sold separately:


30mm diameter, 9 oz in weight, 3.7" circumference

32mm diameter, 10 oz in weight, 4.0" circumference

40mm diameter, 14 oz in weight, 4.9" circumference

50mm diameter, 1lb 8 oz in weight, 6.2" circumference

60mm diameter, 2lb 4oz in weight, 7.4" circumference

80mm diameter, 5 lb in weight, 9.9" circumference

100mm diameter, Over 9 Pounds! in weight, 12.4" circumference

All Dimensions and Weights are Approximate 

We have done our best to be accurate regarding the weights and measurements, however as each one is made, weight may vary slightly.  Dimensions are rounded up to the nearest tenth of an inch. 

Balls are interchangeable between the following items:

Purchase extra balls in the above sizes HERE.

Steel Joy Butt Bruisers

Steel Lollipop Plug

Steel Anal Hook

Small Steel Lollipop

These toys can be boiled and are dishwasher safe.



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