November 2018 Wood of the Month - Granadillo Spanking Paddles

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a Granadillo Paddle through Dec 2, 2018

Granadillo is an exotic hardwood very similar to Morado Rosewood in nature, but is more abundant and therefore, less expensive.  It finishes smoothly, giving a slappy sting to the paddle, but the slap doesn't mask the thuddy density.  

Granadillo spanking paddles are perfect for making sure the spanking you deliver isn't soon forgotten!  

Granadillo Jokari Spanking Paddle

This new Jokari Spanking Paddle design is perfectly accentuated by the Granadillo, giving your OTK experience just the right sensation!

Fraternity Spanking Paddle

A classic!  This XL Fraternity Paddle is perfect for spankings that cover both cheeks at once!  The Granadillo allows you to work less.  The paddle does the work for you and the beautiful coloring makes this a usable work of art.

Granadillo Spanking Paddle

Granadillo makes this standard spanking paddle a perfect addition to any discipline scene.  The smaller nature makes this paddle deliver the perfect heavy spanking when you have that bottom splayed over your knee.


Whatever your paddle choice, Granadillo is a wood to consider.  It laser engraves beautifully and helps you give the spanking you are dying to give.  Remember, we make these!  If you want to make a paddle out of this wood that you don't see on the website, just ask us!  We're always happy to take custom orders.

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