Paddle Care and Storage Instructions

Caring for your paddle shouldn't be a pain!

Wood paddles can stay beautiful with relatively easy care. First...clean them the right way. Wood cannot be sterilized, but we seal our paddles so they can be cleaned if you get a little bodily fluid on them. Just wipe them down with a Lysol wipe and allow it to completely dry before putting it away.

After some time, your paddle may start to lose its shine or feel a little dry. Simply take a little grapeseed oil or butcher block and rub it into the wood. Don't use too much and wipe off any excess using an old t-shirt. Please allow at least 24 hours before using it for play again. If you do apply too much, wipe it down as much as possible and allow it another day or two to soak in. There is no need to expose it to the elements or place it in front of a fan, just wipe it down once each day. You'll know it's ready to use again when you touch it and don't feel the oil residue on your fingers.

To keep your paddle from getting nicked, dented, or scratched in your toy bag, consider putting it in a bag or wrapping it in an old hand towel or pillow case.

And if your paddle does get scratched, dented or nicked, send us a photo to see how we can help! Paddle repairs start at $10 plus shipping. Pricing depends on the size of the paddle and the amount of the damage. Email your photos to: and put "Paddle Repair" in the subject line.


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