Leather Toy Care

Leather Toy

Care for Leatherwear:

When wearing leather restraints, strap-on harnesses or other bondage gear, it's important to remember that the natural oils in your skin may seep into the leather. As this is unavoidable, it is also unremarkable and nothing can or should be done about it. Allowing the leather to dry completely prior to storing it will keep it from breaking down or growing mildew. To keep your leatherwear shiny and soft, consider using a good leather cleaner followed by a conditioner to keep it supple. If you should get lubricant on your harness, wipe it off as soon as possible. Bodily fluids can be wiped off with a Lysol or similar wipe as soon as possible and then dried thoroughly. If you find that your leather is beginning to dry out, just clean and condition it and it will look good as new in no time!

Care for Leather Impact Toys:

Avoid hitting hard objects such as walls or the ground to keep the leather from getting dirty and becoming embedded with rocks or scarred. Condition the falls with a quality cream leather dressing (more often in drier climates). Leather should be kept clean and dry and out of hot places like the trunk of your car. Leather's worst enemies are heat, dirt and moisture. Dirt can rub and erode the leather, and moisture can cause it to stretch, shrink, kink, or mildew. Prolonged exposure to heat will dry out the leather and may cause it to crack or break.


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