Care and Storage of Electronic Devices

Masturbation Electronic

While this may seem obvious, these tips will help you keep your toys in excellent working condition!

Know the limits of your toy. If your toy is "Splash-proof", it means that a little water (like a light rain) won't harm it, but you should dry it as soon as possible. If it has batteries, you should remove the batteries and leave the battery compartment open while it's drying.

If your toy takes batteries, remove the batteries from the toy when storing it. This will increase the life of your batteries by making sure the toy doesn't accidentally turn on when in your drawer or toy bag, and it will keep the batteries from corroding inside your toy which will ruin it. For toys with cords, don't sharply bend the cords. Loosely coil them for storage to avoid kinks which may wear the cord out overtime causing it to break.

Cleaning your electronic toy: Most toys come with specific instructions, so those should be followed, but when in doubt, a little common sense goes a long way. Avoid submerging the toy when washing it. Wiping it down with antibacterial toy cleaner is a safe way to clean it. Spray the cloth with the cleaner and not the toy to make certain you don't over-spray where you don't intend. If your toy is insertable, it's a good idea to use a condom over it for easy clean up and to protect the sensitive, electronic areas from getting too wet.


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