$ 34.99

BEST-SELLER at DomCon 2022 Los Angeles

Hard-hitting and even thuddier than the original Butt Bruiser!  Customers were pleasantly surprised with this toy.  Dense and deep bruising.

This thuddy toy makes for a bruising impact. If you like heavy, deep muscle play, this is the toy for you. A 12 inch rod with a comfortable foam handle and a 2.5 inch spiked rubber ball on the end allows for deep muscle massage and deep muscle bruising. This toy builds pain more quickly than its smoother sister, but leaves a lasting impression for several days, even with short play.

We have also found that this toy feels good when used lightly on the upper back and shoulders, thighs, buttocks...anywhere that you have muscle. As always, stay away from joints and bones. 

 Our Butt Bruisers are hand made in our shop like all of our toys. We hand cut threads into the rubber ball and the delrin rod to ensure that once assembled, the toy will not come apart during regular use.  Please do not twist the ball off the rod. 

Product Qualities:

~Threaded balls and rods offer security during light to heavy impact
~Foam handle for comfortable grip
~Easy to clean
~Thuddy and deep muscle impact
~Delrin rods offer nearly unbreakable strength
~Under 13" to fit easily into most toy bags

Cleaning is simple with a Lysol wipe, or hot soapy water, allow to air dry before returning to your toy bag. 

As with all of our toys, these are made only for play between consenting adults. Please always observe rules of safe play.

All of our products are shipped in discreet packaging.

All dimensions are approximate.



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