You like sting, your partner LOVES sting...and you love watching their skin turn pink and tingle with goosebumps. Maybe you've tried acrylic and other canes to get just the right level of sting. And now, maybe you're looking for something a little different...a little more.

Made of 0.25" acrylic, at 18" long, these beaters are going to help you bring home just a little more of that sting you love! While a single 0.25" acrylic cane will probably snap in half with the right force, these beaters can keep on giving. The flexible and comfortable sure-grip handle allows the canes to move a bit and spread out on impact (without compromising the integrity of the toy). Used lightly, they'll stay together and give a nice, and maybe even thuddy impact. Give a little more effort behind the swing and they'll spread out nicely, leaving trailing fingers of sting behind!

Please remember to always use safe rules of play and these are for use between consenting adults only. Also remember that these are acrylic and can be brittle. Please use on soft areas only and avoid any sharp edges which may break the acrylic. If you are new to canes and are uncertain how to use this for maximum effect without breaking it, we're happy to give tips and articles on technique, just send us an email!

All packages are shipped discreetly and all dimensions are approximate.



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