Once a year we discount our pre-made tails to make room for new inventory.  This listing is for the tail butt plug shown in the photo.  There is only one, so once it's gone, it's gone!

Plug size: Medium  Tail Length: 14"

Plug Dimensions (not detachable): Insertable length: 3.0"; Diameter at widest point: 1.25" 

These tails are brand new and have been used for product photography or have been ordered by customers and cancelled prior to shipping.  None of these tails have been mailed, returned, or used.  As they are pre-made, we discount them so everyone wins!  There are no returns and all sales are final.  As with all of our tails, we do offer free repairs if you should detach your tail during rough play.  Please note that tails that are broken in half are not repairable, so please be gentle!


These are actual fur tails. They are not indestructible. Pulling on or excessive bending of the tail will possibly break the tail and this type of break is not repairable. So please treat your tail with care!  When using lubricant, do not use excessive amounts.  Keep lubricant from getting on the fur and clean plug and attachment point directly after use.  Please grasp the base of the plug and not the tail, when removing from use. If you happen to pull too hard and detach your tail from the plug, remember, we strive for amazing customer service even AFTER the sale! We are happy to repair your tail for free, just pay shipping!  For more on tail care, see our tail care instructions.

All measurements are approximate.




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