This neoprene rubber whip made from 3/8 inch neoprene cord is for serious players with a high pain tolerance and it is definitely not for the faint of heart. This toy can leave marks very easily. This is one of the most intense toys we offer for sale.

The soft EVA foam handle ensures that the top stays in comfort while the bottom...not so much. Available in both 2 ft and 3 ft lengths. 

The business end of the neoprene has been rounded to minimize the chance of any unwanted damage.

Product Qualities:

~Industrial strength neoprene
~Comfortable EVA foam grip
~Waterproof and easy to clean
~For heavy impact and intense sting
~Fits easily in to almost any bag

Feedback from customers on our neoprene whips:
-"This whip is awesome! Big pain with very little effort...and best of all affordable. I may even buy some as gifts. Thank you for a great toy!"
-"This - this is a NICE toy. Well made, light, and easy to use, it has some serious power to it. A little effort will give you a nice sharp sting, and a little more lays a line of fire on you more painful than a signal whip or dragontail. Perfect for the heavy masochist..."

As with all of our toys, these are made only for play between consenting adults. Please always observe rules of safe play.

All of our products are shipped in discreet packaging.



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