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Cordless, waterproof, powerful yet quiet.  This toy is just what the doctor ordered!  With a soft skin inside, this toy helps you get to where you want to be without using your hands!  The super strong suction cup on the bottom makes it easy to stick to any surface.  And because it's splash proof...you can use it in the shower!  (Please do not submerge the toy as this will cause it to malfunction).

To Operate Vibrator:

Please charge fully prior to use.  Wash using antibacterial toy cleaner or antibacterial soap and hot water.  Please use only water-based lubricant with this toy as silicone lubricant will ruin the toy.

We recommend using a condom for easy clean-up.

To Power On/Off:

Press the power button

What do the buttons do?

F: Changes the vibration mode (10 different frequencies available)

R..S: Changes the speed/intensity

Music: Enters the voice activation mode.  In this mode, the vibrator will vibrate to the sound of a voice or music.  To exit this mode, briefly press any other button.

Touch: Enters the Temperature Activation Mode.  In this mode, the vibrator will vibrate depending on the depth of the vibrator into the body.  To exit this mode, briefly press any other button.

To Charge:

On the bottom of the toy (below the controls) there is a small target symbol with DC beneath it.  Place the charger directly in the middle of the target and press firmly.  Plug into any USB adapter to charge.  Lights indicate that the toy is charging.



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