$ 54.99

Made of nearly indestructible, smoky-black, high-density plastic, these paddles are wicked!  They have a smooth and unforgiving surface on one side which delivers an amazing amount of impact with very little effort, and on the other...pointy spikes that are perfect for that little extra sensation.  Rake it over sensitive skin, a warmed bum, or give a few little taps with the spikes to see the reactions.  These paddles are NOT for beginners!  But they're great for those heavy bottoms who need just a little more, or who think they can take anything you dish out.

Great for temperature play as well.  Place your paddle in ice water, or hot water to offer new and exciting spanking sensations.  And if you want to be intensely mean, leave the paddle wet when spanking.

These paddles are dishwasher safe.  After washing, your paddle may need to be buffed with a cloth to be polished.  

If you want one custom made for you, we can recreate pretty much any paddle in our shop in this material. Email us with your thoughts and we'll create one just for you.


Please allow 7-10 business days to customize your paddle.  Most unengraved paddles will ship within 2 business days.  If you require your order without delay, please email us prior to ordering to find out about availability and current production times.

This paddle measures 15" in length and is approximately 3.9" wide with a thickness of 0.75"

All dimensions are approximate.  Due to the personal nature of these toys, we cannot accept returns.




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