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These whips are great for those just starting out.  Easy to throw and clean, this is a perfect beginner whip.  Developed specifically to teach whip throwing, these pocket whips deliver an amazingly loud crack! 

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This little whip is compact, double shot loaded (about 4 oz) and rolls up to be about the size of a d cell battery.

These beautiful little whips are deceptive, hence the name. They look sweet and innocent enough, almost like a shoelace but with a light flip of the wrist they easily crack the sound barrier.These little devils are very loud for their size, and are a great thing because you can carry them almost anywhere in a pocket.

These little whips are very very supple and limber. They are omnidirectional with no defined belly whatsoever.

These feature a tapered, multi-layer construction with between 6 and 7 layers of plaited materials.

They also feature a concentric target build like my larger whips meaning that the falls lie within the center strand allowing the air flow around the falls to be unimpeded by a falls hitch.

They are designed for very quick cracker change, these crackers take less than 10 seconds to replace.

Shot loaded with over 4 oz typically in the first third of the whip. Longer whips will be balanced appropriately.

If you ever wanted to learn to throw a whip, this is an excellent choice for a starter whip or a fantastic choice if you want to keep a whip handy for small, quick reminders.

These whips feature a loop that will snug down on your finger, or stay loose, this helps keep it in your hand. It allows you to helicopter the whip in a circle and get it whistling to get your partner's attention.

The Typical Customer Comment:


“That’s amazing”

“I can’t believe something so small can be that loud!”

“I love that it folds up and fits in a pocket.”



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